Print Management

RPM’s print management program provides customers with ultimate control over all their printed pieces. A combination of physical inventory-taking and cutting-edge Web technology allows clients to:

  • Be aware at all times how many pieces are on-hand, across multiple locations.
  • Save money by ordering the right quantities at the right time.
  • Eliminate rush orders and expedited freight charges.
  • Track usage over time and by department—the system even assigns dollar values to the usage numbers to feed the budgeting process.
  • See images of your product online, issue releases and choose delivery location and shipping method.
  • Give separate departments the ability to control their (and only their) inventory through distinct, restricted login accounts.

RPM’s print management program will eliminate costly inefficiencies in procurement, distribution and obsolescence’s. This valuable program is available at no cost to you and offers you the peace of mind of knowing your product will be available whenever you need it!